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BG customers are more knowledgeable, more appreciative, and more loyal to your dealership. They’re aware of the fluid services you offer and why those services are important. Our industry-honored Maintenance Awareness Program® enhances your customers’ loyalty, giving them a greater understanding and appreciation for the value of your services.

See for yourself the difference that BG can generate for your business: Service Department Profitability

BG's on-going commitment to consumer education gives your dealership the exposure and service lane tools to increase revenue:
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Service Training… Knowledge Equals Profits

BG University trains your staff in the classroom and on the drive for sustained performance.
BG trained technicians learn how to do more services, more efficiently. BG’s Service Advisor training turns order takers into sales makers by selling more needed services.

BG University

Through a formalized program of instruction and training that we call BG University, we educate our sales people who in turn help your service writers educate customers about the importance, methods, and rewards of sensible automotive maintenance. At BGU, your BG Consultant learns about the technology and thinking that goes into our products, and observes first-hand their proven superiority over would-be competitors. At the same time, he learns about your business and the challenges your people face each day. Armed with these insights, technical knowledge and hands-on experience, your BG Consultant arrives at your dealership each week ready and able to help your staff respond more effectively to today’s most frequent and troubling automotive maintenance problems.



The shortest distance to your sales floor is through your service door. Studies show that new car buyers who rely on you for regularly scheduled fluid maintenance are 5 times more likely to buy their next vehicle from you than buyers whose only relationship is a vehicle purchase. The customer who receives and perceives value in your Service Department is a more satisfied and loyal customer. And BG brings value to your service customer relationships systematically.

BG Protection Plan
The Lifetime BG Protection Plan is not limited by miles or years!*

After the initial service, to maintain protection:

  •     Service interval: 30,000 miles (50,000 km)
  •     Engine service interval: 7,500 miles (12,000 km)
  •     Extended engine service interval: 10,000 miles (16,000 km) (including BG SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil, PN 737, and BG MOA®, PN 110)
  •     Fuel service interval: 15,000 miles (25,000 km)

Lifetime BG Protection Plan covers only the components serviced by BG Products.

Lifetime BG Protection Plan coverage:

Plan 1: Initial service performed within 0-36,000 miles (0-60,000 km)

Plan coverage:
Up to $4,000 USD per service interval on:
• Fuel System
• Engine
• Drive Line
• Brake System
• Cooling System
• Power Steering

Up to $2,000 USD per service interval on:
• Automatic Transmission

Plan 2: Initial service performed within 36,001-75,000 (60,001-120,000 km)

Plan coverage:
Up to $2,000 USD per service interval on:
• Fuel System
• Engine
• Drive Line
• Brake System
• Cooling System
• Power Steering

Up to $1,000 USD per service interval on:
• Automatic Transmission

BG On The Road® Plus
Complimentary Roadside Assistance Plus Tire Hazzard
BG On The Road® roadside assistance is only available with the purchase of a BG fluid change service.

Services Provided:
• Towing Assistance*
• Jump-Start Assistance
• Tire Change Assistance
• Lock-Out Service Assistance
• Fuel and Fluid Delivery

(cost of gas, other fluids or key replacement not included)
*towing available for accidents and vehicle disablements

Roadside Assistance Details
Available for up to $100 US for 4 months. If your vehicle becomes inoperable in the U.S., Puerto Rico or Canada, it will be towed to the nearest qualified service center. You do not pay the service provider for the first $100 US of services listed above (per event, limited to two events).

Tire Hazard
The tire repair/replacement claim must be initiated at the original BG location. If the tire is repairable, the maximum eligible reimbursement is $20.00. If the tire is not repairable, the maximum eligible reimbursement for replacement is $150.00

Roadside services are performed by independent service providers, for whose actions BG Products, Inc., shall not be liable. Additional terms and conditions are set forth on the Service Card.


The BG SmartVMA™ virtual maintenance advisor is a customer management program designed for service advisors, technicians and managers to control and increase productivity. This program works with existing DMS to recommend maintenance services based on vehicle make, history and current/previous inspections, thus helping create healthier Repair Orders. Customers who qualify for the BG Protection Plan are automatically tracked using electronic service menus with ‘what if’ analysis features.

BG SmartVMA™ also includes powerful business reporting and statistics to provide an unparalleled view of business trends and metrics – delivered in a simple and timely fashion. To see how BG SmartVMA™ can drive service to your service drive, visit

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