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At BGLSI we put quality and service into everything we do. It means so much to us when our clients and colleagues give us a rave review or testimonial. Below, find some of the positive feedback we've received over the decades. If you'd wish a client reference list, please do not hesitate to ask us.

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As a technician, I have used BG products, and loved the results. As a shop owner, I used BG products, and swear by the results. Now, as a racing enthusiast, I will forever stand behind the results. I race lawnmowers (yes, you heard me right) as a hobby, traveling for miles to a track. I …
Posted By: BG MOA® saves lawn mower race!
I have been using BG products since the early 80s. When I became the fleet manger at the fire department, every Friday was truck check-out day. We would get no less than five pieces of small equipment, chain saws, etc., with fuel issues. I started treating our bulk fuel tanks with BG CF5® and now …
Posted By: BG CF5® is an awesome product
I have used BG products in all my vehicles. This stuff works!! I got 212,000 miles out of my Ford with NO OIL LEAKS. All I did was change the oil regularly and use BG MOA®… never did any gaskets. This stuff is truly awesome!

Curry’s Auto Service
Posted By: Tyler
I’ve been a BG customer for over a year now and I’ve just been blown away by how valuable BG products and tools have been to my shop. After believing in store-bought products that do not work, I was truly needing a product that was going to keep my downtime to a minimum, our vehicle …
Posted By: BG products will amaze you
Problems due to pitch around injectors on common rail engines We have had some problems with leakage around the nozzle injectors on certain diesel engines. A layer of carbon has been building up around the injectors. It looks like thick oil or like a black plastic cover has been melting. The substance is black, shiny …
Posted By: BG 244 works!
Your products are the best! My 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport just cleared 300k on the odometer. You guys are the reason why… couldn’t have gone this far without you.
Posted By: Peter Allison
Thank you BG for allowing me to see the light. BG MOA® at every oil change, BG Syncro Shift II for the standard transmission and rear differential, BG CF5® every 15,000 and a Fuel Injection Cleaner with BG 44K® every 30,000. 2003 Subaru Legacy with 206,000 and going strong. The headlight restoration is insane.
Posted By: Christopher
I used BG EPR® on my 1985 Ford F250 pickup truck and it is AWESOME! I had a really bad oil blowback and your product has completely stopped it. I don’t have the words to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you for such a great product!
Posted By: BG EPR®…is AWESOME!
Hi, my name is Cody Hutto. I am a loyal customer and fan of your products. Over the years you have saved me troubles, aided in diagnosis of vehicles and informed me of a lot of common problems in vehicles. Thank you for all of your hard work and such great products! I stand behind BG products and have had amazing results!
Posted By: Cody Hutto
Hello. I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your product. I am a police officer with a small municipality in northwest Missouri. I am assigned a 2006 Crown Victoria. I take very good care of my personal vehicles and treat my patrol car in the same way. Regardless, police cars are driven …
Posted By: BG 44K® is the real deal

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