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Lubrication Specialists, Inc. is a Distributor of BG Products in Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, and Southeast Texas.  We're a third generation company...working on the fourth generation! One of the seven original founders of BG Products was John M Thompson.  His son, IMG 6707smJohn R Thompson, joined the company in 1973 and has stayed with BG Products ever since, taking on his father's role when his father died. Currently, Lubrication Specialists, Inc. has two locations: one in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and one in Houston, Texas.

Our History

BG's roots took hold during the difficult days of World War II. The seven founders of BG Products emerged from the war to build a new company, using 175 years of collective experience in the petrochemical industry.  "They formed new company based on automotive products of superior quality and, even more, on the contributions of people working together in a common cause of personal and professional excellence.

In November, 1971, the partners took BG's first two products to market: Engine Tune-Up and RF-7. The first truckload—40,000 pounds of the only two products available— left Wichita for a founder's distributorship in North Carolina. In our first full year in business, BG sold products worth just over a half-million dollars. In 1973, we achieved 17 percent growth. Twenty percent growth followed in 1974.

"By the 1980s, the fabricator of all BG formulas had been sold to a new company which quickly decided to close the Wichita plant. BG purchased the Wichita facility and was now making the products it was marketing. With a research laboratory of our own and proprietary manufacturing processes, the company was ready to develop new products and to fully capitalize on its existing products.

"As the maintenance requirements of ever more sophisticated engines have grown from model year to model year, BG has kept pace with detailed, comprehensive educational programs, a commitment to education resulting in the founding of our own BG University in 1999. Every group clinic, every on-wheel demonstration of BG products and services has two overriding goals: benefits for vehicle owners, and profitability for the professionals who use our products, equipment and services.

"As we approached a new millennium, BG took a number of bold steps to set the pace for change in the industry. Recognizing a need to help our distributors create demand for our products, we initiated a brand awareness program that placed BG before a nationwide audience of industry professionals. The program raised the company's profile in trade magazines and racing venues. BG also began to sponsor auto-advice programming on radio and television."*

* From the BG Products website,