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The BG Engines for Life Program is the ultimate customer retention and profitability program for your dealership or service center. For dealerships, the strategy is two-fold:

  1. Initial Retention—Making sure new and used car buyers return to your service department for their service needs. Qualified vehicles get a can of BG MOA (#110) added to their crank case at the time of pre-delivery inspection or used vehicle inspection.
  2. Sustainable Retention— The goal is to keep customers returning to your service department for all of their oil changes, preventive maintenance, and repairs for the life of the vehicle. BG MOA (#110) is added with each oil change service to keep the customer enrolled in the program.

The Engines for Life Program covers the following components:

All internally lubricated parts, including pistons, piston rings and pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and rod bearings, camshaft and bearings, oil pump, timing chain/gears, rocker arms, valves, valve spring seats and guides, valve push rods, and lifters. The engine block, cylinder head, and rotary housing are covered only if damaged by an internally lubricated part.

Does it really work?

Yes it does! One metro dealership increased their new car customer retention from 19% to 42% the first year they were on the program. Their retention soared to over 70% in their second year on the program. Another dealership saw their traffic on the drive increase dramatically, resulting in $750,000 of additional service revenue in a their first year on the program.

For more information on implementing an Engines for Life Program at your dealership or service center, click here and one of our local fixed ops professionals will be in touch with you.

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