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Charlie Polston 2015When it comes to service drive profitability, Charlie Polston is one of the most respected fixed ops trainers in North America. In his workshops, Charlie draws upon over a quarter of a century of hands-on service drive experience and proven results.

As a columnist for Dealer Magazine and Auto Inc. magazine, he constantly challenges dealership professionals with innovative service success strategies. His expertise has resulted in being invited to lead workshops at several NADA conventions.Charlie is also an international monthly webinar presenter.

Charlie’s workshops provide an opportunity for you and your service management team to attend a series of live training workshops that are guaranteed to change your day-to-day profitability!

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“At a previous dealership, we were producing about $220,000 annually in maintenance revenue. After a meeting with Charlie Polston, he suggested we were leaving money on the table. He was right! Using Charlie’s sales techniques, processes and service strategies, we were able to increase our maintenance sales over $450,000 in just one year. If it worked for us, it will work for any dealership in the country. You owe it to yourself and your service customers to attend this workshop!”
Gary Thompson, Barber Dyson Ford – Elk City, OK


“A few years ago, I attended the NADA convention in Florida. I was primarily interested in a good fixed operations workshop that would help my personnel market our service department. I found Charlie Polston’s workshop exceedingly helpful in marketing my service department to my customers. Charlie also made me aware of the importance of service advisor training. This was the most productive seminar I have ever attended either with NADA or any of the corporations I represent. THANKS CHARLIE!”
Denis Bergeron, Dealer, Bergeron Automotive – New Orleans, LA


“Charlie Polston’s service strategies work! Our maintenance sales increased 500% to over $340,000. Charlie’s training helped us turn knowledge into action!
David Eck, General Manager (Retired), Northcutt Chevrolet – Enid, OK


Success on the Service Drive!
Equipping Service Departments to Thrive In Changing Times

For the past one hundred years, the battle cry of the automotive business has been “cars will break and we will fix them!” Dealership service departments must drop this outdated philosophy or they will go out of business. Of course, cars will always break an
charlie_group2d will need to be repaired. But, our new strategy must move toward reduced breakdowns through planned preventive maintenance.

Statistics from the Motor Equipment Manufacturers’ Association show that over $50 billion dollars worth of maintenance goes unperformed each year. Why? Because service departments didn’t ask for the business!
Most vehicle owners only know they have a problem when they have a catastrophic failure. Few of them ever think of preventive maintenance. In Charlie’s fixed ops workshops, he shows how education will turn warranty customers and repair customers into
maintenance customers…For Life!

In Charlie's intense workshops, you will learn how to quickly:

  • Transform the way your service center performs and profits from scheduled maintenance
  • Perform a CPR test on your facility to instantly target your profit potential
  • Convert down-time into billable time as Charlie takes you through a tour of your service department, picking up hundred dollar bills at every bay

After attending Charlie’s workshops, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand current automotive trends, so they can respond to an ever-changing marketplace
  • Know the difference between marketing (getting people in the door) and merchandising (sales aids that increase revenue)
  • Increase sales in fixed operations, while increasing loyalty in variable operations
  • Implement result-driven processes that enhance the customers’ service drive experience


 Fleet Maintenance Solutions!

The two ugliest words for a fleet maintenance director are DOWN TIME! BG fleet maintenance solutions are designed to keep your fleet in peak operating condition, to keep your equipment at maximum performance levels, to increase fuel economy, and most of all, to avoid costly down time. Our maintenance processes and programs include the following:

  • Bulk gasoline and diesel fuel maintenance management programs
  • Water and microbial growth control
  • Smart exhaust and DPF maintenance solutions
  • Complete vehicle maintenance for your “white” fleet (smaller on-the road vehicles) all the way up to class 8 over-the-road trucks






Customized, Personalized, Private Training Available

 We're getting RAVE REVIEWS about our customized, personalized private training workshops for automotive service departments! Did you know that BG LSI offers training workshops customized to YOUR specific needs? And, they are private - so ONLY YOUR team is there. Call us now for more information: 800-580-0024. Ask for private, personalized training.