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SmartVMA™ helps automotive shops maintain organized service processes. This means faster, more efficient service for you, the customer.

A maintenance advisor for service advisors.

BG SmartVMA™ is a value-added program offered by BG to help dealerships and automotive shops be more productive. But what does that mean? The VMA stands for Virtual Maintenance Advisor; so basically, SmartVMA™ is a maintenance advisor for automotive shops.

SmartVMA™ integrates with existing Dealer Management Software technology and recommends necessary vehicle maintenance services based on make, mileage, history and inspection.

This powerful and revolutionary user interface can be used on workstations and mobile devices anywhere in the service department and includes the following features:

  •     Customer greeting and write up at the vehicle
  •     Customer file information updated at the vehicle
  •     Comprehensive service history view
  •     Lifetime BG Protection Plan management
  •     Consumer education videos
  •     Electronic signature capture on repair order
  •     Follow-up and reminder system
  •     Appointment booking
  •     Vehicle make-specific multi-point inspections
  •     Electronic menu presentation based on VIN

Shops that employ BG SmartVMA™ can expect the following benefits:

  •     Greater customer retention through unique followup features
  •     Customer loyalty through education on the benefits of proper maintenance
  •     Standardized processes with the measurement tools in place to ensure continuous improvement

If you’d like BG SmartVMA™ to help you organize your shop, contact us!