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Trainer: Charlie Polston

When it comes to service drive profitability, Charlie Polston is one of the most respected fixed ops trainers in North America. In his workshops, Polston Picture 2015Charlie draws upon over a quarter of a century of hands-on service drive experience and proven results.

As a columnist for Dealer Magazine and Auto Inc. magazine, he constantly challenges dealership professionals with innovative service success strategies. His expertise has resulted in being invited to lead workshops at several NADA conventions.Charlie is also an international monthly webinar presenter.

Charlie’s workshops provide an opportunity for you and your service management team to attend a series of live training workshops that are guaranteed to change your day-to-day profitability!

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 2023 9 12 Technician Process Trainingb

Teaching people the value of automotive maintenance. BG Certified teaches service advisors and technicians a consistent, credible message about the importance, the methods and the rewards of automotive maintenance with BG products.

In 2012, we launched BG Certified, a training website for service advisors and technicians. Automotive professionals can simply click the Certified button on the BG Dashboard (BG’s resource space) and get the certification necessary to educate people about the value of automotive maintenance for their cars. BG Certified uses videos, demonstrations and interactive diagrams to teach automotive professionals a consistent, credible message about the importance, the methods and the rewards of effective automotive maintenance with BG products.

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On-Site Training

Our team of fixed ops professionals will provide your service department with customized, on-site training to give your technicians, service advisors, and management the tools to increase productivity, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and increase shop efficiency.

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Customized, Personalized, Private Training Available

 We're getting RAVE REVIEWS about our customized, personalized private training workshops for automotive service departments! Did you know that BG LSI offers training workshops customized to YOUR specific needs? And, they are private - so ONLY YOUR team is there. Call us now for more information: 800-580-0024. Ask for private, personalized training.